Auto Accident Lawyer: When to Get Legal Help after an Accident

You may have no problems with your insurance company after an accident, but many people do. If you are not happy with the amount of money you are getting for your totalled car, or do not agree with the provider’s decisions, hire an auto accident lawyer.

If you are ever in a car accident, you will need to have either your insurance company or an attorney on your side to get the money you are owed. Whether you are at-fault and need your insurance company to pay for the damage, or were hit by another car and need money from the other driver’s insurance provider, there are a few things to do to lessen your chances of facing issues later. Consider the steps to take to avoid having to hire an auto accident lawyer to represent you. 

Get proof of what happened before you leave the scene, especially if you were not at-fault. Some drivers may immediately admit that they caused it, leaving you to assume there will be no problem getting the funds from their provider. However, they often change their story later and may try to blame you, and their provider may go along with it to avoid paying. Therefore, once you have ensured that no one was hurt, assess the damage to your car. Take pictures with a camera or cell phone, getting photos of the damage done to the interior and exterior. Also take photos of the other vehicle to show how damaged their car is. This can prevent the driver from further damaging their vehicle afterward just to get more money from the insurance company. 

You need to file a claim with your provider as soon as possible. This will get the process started so that you can get car repairs, a rental vehicle, or money for a totaled automobile quickly. You will present your side of the story to the agent over the phone or online, and then you will need to schedule an appointment for an adjuster to look at your auto. You will also have to wait for the other driver to either contact your insurance company or respond to them to corroborate the story. 

Once the adjuster decides whether to get your vehicle repaired or label it as totaled, you can move on in the process. You will either be given a list of appropriate repair companies to use so that your automobile can be towed to the chosen location, or you will be sent a check to buy a new vehicle. If you disagree with the decision to total the automobile, or think you should get more money for it, you may need to contact an auto accident lawyer. The same goes if the other driver is vehemently denying it was their fault, holding up the process. Also, if they do not have accident coverage, it may be time to bring a lawsuit against them after talking to an auto accident lawyer to ensure that it is worth your time. 

In general, if you are not happy with how your provider is handling your claim, you have the option of hiring an attorney to help you. Most lawyers offer a free initial consultation to determine if you have a good case, so you do not have anything to lose by checking out this option if you are tired of waiting for the funds you deserve. 

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